Sunday, May 25, 2008

Corpus Christi Trip: June 13-15

When the temperature gets into the 90's, nothing feels better than windsurfing on the coast. Since summer is here, I'm forced to conclude that nothing could feel better than joining us Wind Addicts in Corpus Christi.

If you're a new recruit, you can get a feel for the experience by reading the previous trip posts on the blog. You'll see a pattern: we carpool directly down to Worldwinds where we spend several hours windsurfing on warm Laguna Madre. The beginners will be cruising around on the water after an hour of instruction from the Worldwinds crew.

After enjoying the beach, we drive to our hotels Downtown. There we desalinate before walking to a restaurant to fill ourselves with fresh seafood, tapas, sushi, homemade Italian, or hamburgers. We'll wash the food down with a few beers, margaritas, or Mojitos. After that, we may play a few rounds of foosball, walk along the shoreline at night, or simply enjoy the nightlife. The next day, we do it over again, starting with fresh coffee and a nice breakfast.

We will be joined by rock stars this trip. The Austin Band Milhouse will be playing at the Mug Room at 9pm on Saturday the 14th. They may even join us windsurfing!

Follow these five simple steps to Join in the fun.

You'll need a a place to stay one night starting Friday the 13th, checking out Sunday the 15th. I suggest sharing rooms and carpooling. Most hotel rooms in the Corpus area have two queen-size beds.

You can check out the suggested packing list here. Feel free to comment, send me a mail, or give a ring if you have any questions. See you on the beach!


PeconicPuffin said...

Sounds like a great trip in the making. I envy you the warm temperatures...we're still in heavy wetsuits (5/3) with a few people even in drysuits!

Good winds to you!

WindAddict said...

Amazing! Except for a thin neoprene top I don't even own a wetsuit. On the down side, I melt when I'm not on the water. Talk about contrast.