Saturday, January 26, 2008

How To Prepare for a Windsurfing Trip to Corpus Christi

Taking a trip to Corpus Christi is pretty simple if you don't procrastinate. Hotels, classes, and board reservations can fill fast. Get this stuff done early so you can relax.

My currently suggested class sequence is as follows: beginner, intermediate, harness, beach start, fast tack, planing in the harness, water start.

If you're planning on taking a class other than the beginner, Worldwinds (and I) strongly suggest that you practice for an hour or two before the class. If you haven't been windsurfing for months, you may wish to practice for a whole day. You don't want to waste class time struggling to remember the basics.

The five step recipe for fun:
  1. If you have a trip invite please respond. If you want to get added to the invite list, send a mail to john AT windaddict dot com. If you get me your contact information it'll make it easier to meet up for dinner, breakfast, and beer.
  2. Make reservations at a hotel / vacation rental or arrange to share a room. You might find my Corpus Christi Hotel advice helpful. You are responsible for your own hotel reservation.
  3. Call Worldwinds at 1-800-793-7471 to schedule your classes (see below) and reserve a board for the weekend. You are responsible for reserving your own board and classes. Please tell them that you're with John Knox's group. Be sure to show up for your class 15 minutes early. Classes are 100% on the water instruction, you can't just sneak in late.
  4. Arrange to carpool and share your room. There is a per-car entry fee to Padre Island National Seashore, and a usage fee for the Bird Island Basin. Hint: the annual passes only cost about 2x the 1 time rates. Feel free to post comments on the trip post asking for rides, riders, rooms, roommates.
  5. Pack your stuff. You can check out the suggested packing list here. Be sure to read the comments there for some good hints.
Comment below if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

*Updated 7 April 2011 with new hotel and class information.
*Updated 28 July 2011 with new hotel information.
*Updated 4 March 2012 to move the hotel information to a separate article.
*Updated 17 July 2015 to add Park information


PeconicPuffin said...

If you haven't been sailing for months and usually sail without gloves, you may want to bring your gloves and use them on day #1, until your hands acclimate.

have a great time in Corpus!

WindAddict said...

Thanks Peconic. I look forward to getting back on the water!