Saturday, August 25, 2007

July 2007 Trip Review: Sunday

Wake up. Go directly to Agua Java. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. After coffee Saket, Shruti, and Jason joined me at La Bahia for a predictably fantastic Mexican breakfast.

After breakfast, most folks returned to Austin. Jason and I decided to return to Worldwinds for more fun. Jamie and Apollo, her canary or parakeet or toucan were minding the shop at Worldwinds. Jason rented a F2 Stoke 155. Both of us were having a blast sailing around and practicing even though the wind was a bit weak.

Around 3 or so, another surfer sailed up to me and asked if I was scheduled to take the beachstart class. I wasn't, but I suspected that Jason was. I sailed out to him to let him know. He returned to the beach to meet Olivier.

We didn't stop surfing until a bit after 4pm. I asked Jamie about a good place to eat on the island and she suggested the Island Italian Restaurant and gave us a coupon. Jason and I drove there only to discover that they don't open until 5pm on Sundays. Drat!

Italian food appealed to Jason and I enough that we climbed back in the Jetta to kill time. We explored an nearby North Padre neighborhood where we admired the houses and the fantastic views.

When 5pm rolled around, we drove back to Island Italian and ordered the largest pizza available. We decimated the excellent pie in record time. It was the perfect ending to another successful windsurfing adventure.

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