Friday, August 24, 2007

July 2007 Trip Review: Saturday

I woke early Saturday to eat breakfast at Agua Java. I'm a creature of habit.

The wind was a bit light at the beach, but this was made up for by the presence of dolphins. No, the mammal. Not Mahi Mahi.

Dolphins are fun creatures, even if you can't trust critters that smile all the time. They are especially cool to see in the wild. In parks you can never be sure if they are just hanging around with you because they like you or because they can't leave. If they come visit you in the wild it's because they like you.

At least, that's my theory. It could be that they just like laughing at your limited swimming abilities. Whatever, Mr. Dolphin. I'd like to see you try to walk.

As I sailed a bit past the Worldwinds "boats" buoy I noticed a fin arc from the water just downwind from me. I couldn't believe that dolphins would be so close to shore in the muddy brown water of Laguna Madre -- the inland side of Padre Island.

I let my board slow and watched for another dorsal fin. I didn't have to wait long. Another dolphin appeared maybe 20 or 30 feet from my board and aimed broadsides. The curious mammal must have passed right under me. Sweet! A second dolphin seemed to be cruising parallel to my path.

I wish I could say that I performed some sort of amazing windsurfing trick for them. Maybe they retaliated with synchronized back flips over my head. Then I showed them up by flying my board through a giant flaming hoop. But no. Instead I lost track of them as I started sailing again.

I'm not sure that Don believe my story. Apparently dolphins don't visit Worldwinds often. I hear they prefer the Gulf side of the island. I'm glad I didn't mention the deadly ring of fire part.

After the usual post-surf desalination, Matt, Karen, Jason and I devoured dinner at Waterstreet Seafood. Afterwards we all met up with Jay and Dana at Executive Surf Club to play foosball and have a few beers. Matt and Karen called it a night after a few exciting hours of boosting the economy.

Saket and his wife Shruti finally caught up with us at the Surf Club not long before we moved on to Cassidy's Irish Pub. We listened to an entertaining cover band and drank Guinness before declaring it a night.

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