Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Trip Plans: Corpus Christi October 26 - 28

Ladies and Gentlemen, we sail October 26. As usual, I'll be leaving at 7am on Friday. That way we can enjoy a full day of surfing all three days.

If you're a new recruit, you can get a feel for the experience by reading the previous trip posts on the blog.

To Join in the fun:

This is your to-do list. Get this stuff done early so you can relax. Worldwinds treats us very well. As a courtesy to them please follow through with your class and board rental reservations ASAP. Please don't procrastinate -- hotel rooms and classes can fill fast.
  1. If you have an invite please respond. If you want to get added to the invite list, send a mail to john AT windaddict dot com.
  2. Make reservations at a downtown hotel like the Best Western Marina Grand hotel, the Bayfront Plaza, the Omni, or arrange to share a room with someone. Check in on 26 October, checkout on the 28th. You may wish to try bidding on a hotel on Priceline -- downtown Corpus is the "Corpus Christi Beach Area". You are responsible for your own hotel reservation.
  3. Call Worldwinds at 1-800-793-7471 to schedule your classes and reserve a board for the weekend. You are responsible for reserving your own board and classes. Please tell them that you're with John Knox's group.
  4. Arrange to carpool and share your room. Feel free to post comments (click below) asking for rides, riders, rooms, roommates. I have an extra bed and a few empty seats in my car.
My currently suggested class sequence is as follows: beginner, intermediate, harness, beach start, fast tack, planing in the harness. If you're planning on taking a class other than the beginner, please give yourself an hour or two to practice before the class. You don't want to be struggling with the basics while you're trying to learn a new skill.

You can check out the suggested packing list here. Feel free to comment, send me a mail, or give a ring if you have any questions. See you on the beach!

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WindAddict said...

I'm staying at the Omni downtown. Yay for Priceline bidding.