Wednesday, October 31, 2007

November: Want to Come Learn Windsurfing?

How does a November 16-18 windsurfing trip to Corpus Christi sound? This looks like the only realistic weekend for a trip in November.

The records indicate an average high of about 75 degrees F that time of year. Many folks will want to rent a wetsuit. Still, 75 degrees isn't too much colder than the pleasant weather we surfed in last weekend.

Chime in with a comment. I'll plan a trip if I see some demand.

Also comment if you have interest in an international trip. Bonaire? Australia? Elsewhere?


dmlandry said...

Much as I'd love to go, I'm traveling during the week before and the week after...

If you do go, though, take a harness-induced high speed launch off the board for me!

utdee2 said...

:( i am volunteering for an even on the 17th and I am coordinating the food. i will also just be getting back from seattle.

WindAddict said...

Well, there will be no Corpus Trip this November. Everyone is simply too busy. Hopefully I'll see you all on the water in March, if not sooner!