Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trip Report Friday 14 March 2008

Friday morning we all woke up early for the drive to Corpus Christi. James and Jolyon left at 7:30 am so they could arrive in time for their beginner lesson. Freddy, Gumbo, and I soon followed in The Orange Toaster .

Freddy and I got subs at Island Italian after dropping Gumbo off at the Hotel. At the beach, the wind was adequate, but not quite planing speeds -- at least for me.

While James and Jolyon took their lessons, Freddy rented a 180 x-cite ride and a 5.5 meter sail. I used my personal rig: a JP Australia X-Cite Ride 145 and a 6.5 meter sail.

As the day wore on, the wind increased in strength. Gradually the wind grew until I was able to stay on plane the rest of the day. To top it off, the few times I needed to, I was able to beach and water start. I even was able to really steer while on plane. It was probably the best windsurfing day I've ever had.

Freddy had a good day too, he swapped his 180 in for a smaller 160 liter board. James and Jolyon enjoyed the surfing too. James thought he preferred traditional surfing, but Jolyon seemed really into windsurfing.

For dinner, we ate at Waterstreet Seafood Co. I enjoyed a Wasabi Seared Tuna. So did Freddy. So did James. After dinner, we walked around the Marina before calling it a night. We were all pretty tired from the surfing, driving, and waking up early.

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