Tuesday, October 23, 2007

September 2007 Trip Report: Sunday

Following the traditional meal at Agua Java we all sailed at Worldwinds. I sailed the 2007 JP X-cite Ride 145 and a 7 meter sail for the light 10-15 MPH winds.

Yun took the beginner class while Matt and Justin took the harness class. Karen practiced on the intermediate board. I practiced trying to go downwind.

If you think getting upwind is difficult, try aiming more than a few degrees downwind. I guess everything needs practice to feel natural, but I swear that downwind was the only place I went when I first learned to windsurf.

After sailing for a few hours, I purchased the JP X-Cite Ride 145 rental board and a 6.5 meter sail from Worldwinds. Don and Angela instructed me on how to assemble and disassemble everything. Here is a list of all the major pieces of the rig: the board, a mast, a sail, a mast extension, a mast base, a fin, a boom, a uphaul line, two harness lines, and a mast shim.

With some nervousness, I loaded my Honda Element with the equipment and started the trip home. The Yakima rack with the crossbar pads and "Strap Thang" worked surprisingly well to hold the board. Even at 70 MPH, the board didn't even wobble. I made it home safely with no problem.

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PeconicPuffin said...

Congratulations on your new gear!