Saturday, July 14, 2007

Choose a Weekend in August

August approaches rapidly. want to come learn how to Windsurf with us? Just post below which weekends it would not be possible to attend. No promises, but I'll do my best trying to schedule a weekend most folks can attend.

As before, please don't tell me dates in person. I'm nearly incapable of remembering correctly. Comment below and I'll definitely reference it as I'm scheduling the next trip (probably around the 23rd of July). Thanks! I hope you can attend.


milhouse said...

Hey John,
I can't make it the first two weekends of August. I'd be down with either of the last two weekends though!

dmlandry said...

We definitely want to go... need to pin down a weekend that works. I'll have to say no to the first weekend in August, as well.

dmlandry said...

Okay, I vote for the 17-19 weekend. I am itching to get out there again and take some harness lessons!

xsmuscle said...

I'm busy aug 10-12 and 24-26, so 17-19 would be great for me, assuming I don't hurt myself between now and then ::grins::