Monday, April 9, 2007

Eating in Corpus Christi

Corpus isn't Austin, but there you can still find lots of cool places to eat here.

Executive Surf Club

Despite the fancy name, the Executive Surf Club is a burger joint / bar with an order counter. The food is tasty, the bar appears well stocked, and you get to eat off of real surfboards. Well, no, the plates aren't boards, but some of the tables are. The walls are covered with various memorabilia, and they show surf videos on the TV.

They also have a stage outside that bands regularly play on. Located on Water St. across the street from the Best Western.

Waterstreet Seafood Co.

Waterstreet is a nicer seafood restaurant with a small bar inside. The food here is awesome, and the wait staff is very friendly. The dynamite sticks are an awesome appetizer.

Don't confuse this with the Waterstreet Oyster Bar, which is right next door. I have not eaten there. And yes, both are across Water St. from the Best Western downtown.

Agua Java

The Agua Java coffee shop sits right at Water Street and Williams Street, across from the Best Western (again) in downtown Corpus Christi. For some strange reason, this coffee shop smells a lot better than any other coffee joint I've been too. It doesn't have that stale bean reek even though they appear to roast their own coffee right there. Yeah, I notice strange things.

Agua Java serves sandwiches and kolaches in addition to coffee beverages. Their breakfast panini is yummy in my tummy.

La Bahia

The Mexican food at La Bahia warms the heart. The breakfast I had here was very tasty and quite inexpensive. The tortillas are thick and unique, probably home made.

The food probably won't qualify as healthy, but it will fill you up and make you happy. The location lies only a few blocks away from the Best Western (I know!), down Williams St, left on Mesquite St.

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