Friday, May 8, 2009

Trip Report 27-29 March 2009

Tug BoatJennie and I spent Friday morning stuffing an unbelievable quantity of dog and windsurfing equipment into my bright orange Element. This feat was followed by actually stuffing two dogs and two humans into the same tiny vehicle, and then driving for three and one half hours down to Corpus Christi.

We arrived at the beach a few minutes late for Jennie's beginner class appointment, but luckily 30 minutes earlier than the rest of her class. While waiting for them to arrive, Jennie played with Basil (tiny dog) and Mouse (giant dog) in the water.

Beginner ClassThe windsurfing lessons appeared to go well until the wind moved from gentle to dead. Then the windsufring lessons became balancing-floppy-sails-on-tippy-platforms lessons.

The weak winds didn't last long though. After an hour or two, the wind jumped to planing speeds. That was my cue to rig up and remember how to windsurf.

Freddy and Pamela arrived later in the day, and opted to take their tiny dogs on a Kayak tour of the choppy laguna madre.

As the sun started to set, we all got off the water and checked into the usual hotel: the Marina Grand.

For dinner, Freddy and I advocated U & I Restaurant. We spoke of the great steaks we ate there, which was no lie. Unfortunately, we forgot how mediocre the rest of the food was.

As we were ordering our food, we learned of a salad dressing called "Green Goddess". With a name like that, of course we all had to order it. In windsurfing parlance, this was a mistake.

Green Goddess turned out to be a flavorless green gel with the consistency of mayonnaise. If you felt generous you might call it salad lubricant, but probably not dressing. I enjoyed my steak and shrimp quite a lot, but the rest of the meal only tasted good when compared to the Green Goddess. At least it was good for a laugh.

Saturday morning, Jennie and I walked along the Corpus Christi sea wall with the dogs before returning to the beach. The wind was already starting to pick up, even in the morning.

At the beach Freddy and I windsurfed, but Jennie and Pamela opted out. The wind made for tricky conditions on the Laguna Madre, at least for beginners.

For dinner, Freddy and I chose Havana. Unfortunately, this wasn't their finest hour either. Although "El Infidel" didn't fail to impress, the rest of the meal wasn't quite as tasty as Freddy and I promised. I guess we're slow to learn. Pamela and Jennie are now certain that Freddy and I have no taste.

Sunday morning, conditions were perfect for Pamela to take the windsurfing beginner class. Jennie also was able to join her on the water to enjoy the more moderate wind. It was a great way to end the trip.

Overall, the trip was a success. Everyone got to surf, and Worldwinds successfully taught two new beginners how to windsurf. The only challenge left was stuffing the dogs, humans, and luggage back into the car and returning to Austin.

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