Sunday, August 12, 2007

September: When Should We Windsurf?

My calendar shows September drifting ominously closer. Take control of your destiny and help pick when we windsurf again. It's easy: simply leave a comment below indicating which weekends you can not attend.

The usual caveats apply. Destiny is fickle. There are no promises. Still, I'll do my best to schedule a weekend most folks can attend.

As before, please don't tell me dates in person because I won't remember. Comment below and I'll definitely reference it as I'm scheduling the next trip. I hope everyone can come. Thanks!


WindAddict said...

Here is an example the slackers can use as a template. ;)

I can't go on the weekend of September 1st. I'll be chilling in Florida with my brother the imagineer.


dmlandry said...

I can't go on the weekend of September 8th. I'll be chilling on Asiana Airlines with a bunch of strangers.

Unknown said...

I can't go any weekend but the 8th... Out of town for labor day, then two weeks later is ACL, and Amy scheduled shows for us the two weekends after that. I don't know about the 8th weekend either because my friend Tiffany (you met her at Six bar once) is probably coming into town to visit that weekend.

Perhaps October will be better for me.