Thursday, June 28, 2007

Trip Plans: Corpus Christi July 20 - 22

You know the drill. Windsurfing fun starts Friday July 20. Ask for the day off or simply quit your job. We'll leave Austin at 7am and return on Sunday afternoon after sailing for a bit.

If you don't know the drill, take a look at previous trip posts.

To Join in the fun:

This is your to-do list. Please don't procrastinate -- hotel rooms and classes will fill fast:
  1. If you have an invite please respond. If you don't have an invite, you can shoot a mail to john AT windaddict dot com.
  2. Make reservations at the Best Western Marina Grand hotel, the Bayfront Plaza, or arrange to share a room with someone who did. Check in on 20 July, checkout 22 July. I am staying at the Best Western. When I checked, the 14 day advanced discount was the best deal there. You are responsible for your own hotel reservation.
  3. Call Worldwinds at 1-800-793-7471 and schedule your classes, or reserve a board rental if you don't want to take a class. Tell them that you're with John Knox's group. At this point there still seem to be beginner (and other) classes open on Friday, but they do fill fast. Make a reservation ASAP. I am taking the Planing in the Harness class at 1pm on Friday.
  4. Arrange to carpool and share your room. Feel free to post comments asking for rides or riders.
You can find more information on Worldwinds, what to pack, and more in other posts.

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