Sunday, April 29, 2007

Windsurfing Antarctica Video

Check this out: windsurfing in Antarctica. Icebergs, mountains, seals, penguins, and desolate loneliness.


dmlandry said...

Man, the atmospheric music is spot-on! Could you imagine snapping your mast against a small iceberg, far from shore, friends, and life-giving bourbon?

Those seemed to be interesting gloves... some sort of wind-break shield covering the knuckles? Or am I just imagining that? And how can he handle not having his face covered?!

WindAddict said...

You mean to say that there aren't any surf shops in Antarctica? I guess breaking your gear would be a bummer.

I noticed the glove thing too. At first I though his wet suit had super-villain cuffs. Now, I suspect that they are some sort of mitten that let you pull your fingers out of the pocket. Still, I bet his hands were fairly stiff with cold.